Facebook rejecting swiftAds Link

Why is it that for sometimes now, facebook has been rejecting swiftAds link? It's really affecting most of us, because that's where we have more followers to share links with. I hope something will be done about it as soon as possible.. Thanks


  • I would employ that swift ads Admins should work on the referral links so we can be able to share our links to friends on Facebook

  • Hmmmm well am new here I have not try that

  • Hello guys, we have investigated the facebook issue with sharing swiftads link, we contacted facebook directly and they informed us a lot of users have used our link to spam many forums and groups on their platform, this is against their community policy therefore prompted for the restriction of swiftads url. We'll advise you use your shortened links on blogs, forums and websites. For referall you can utilize other platforms aside from facebook as we work on resolving the challenge.


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